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Preschoolers are the kids who basically start schooling from the age of three till six years old. These kids spend three years in a preschool before joining primary school where the actual educational stream begins which is complex and advanced than preschool and prepares the children for high school.



Why Preschool is important?


When it comes to education, the world has changed a lot. Now schools start taking in admissions of kids starting from the age of 2 years old to onwards. Preschools have become really important because with the advancement in educational field and requirements of certain behaviors from the kids, kids need to learn a lot of skills including reading, speaking, performing activities and becoming confident to get enrolled in primary schools and adapt to them easily. Preschools help to train children in such a way that they can easily join primary schools and excel in their journey efficiently.


What is the right age for preschool?


Usually, people misunderstand the concept of preschool or they are unclear about their child’s admission based on their ages and skill levels. This blog post is going to explain in detail the right age for preschool based on each level or class your child will be attending in preschool.


Usually, a preschool has three levels or three classes for preschoolers including Playgroup, Nursery and Kindergarten.


Let us have a look at each class and you will figure out exactly what is the right age and skill set of your child to select right class for them and help them start their learning and education as a preschooler.




Children who are eligible to enroll in preschool at the age of 3 years old are usually best to start with playgroup. Hence the age of the kids who will get admission in playgroup is exactly three years.

Preschool and Playgroup


Now a days, playgroup does not only mean that the children will learn with the help of play only. With the advancement in education and the new education system, the kids who are three years of age now do not only get involved in activities where play is involved but they also learn to hold the pencil first.

Then they learn to trace and identify all the alphabets with the knowledge of their sounds, trace the numbers up to 20, trace and write all the Haruf-e-Tahajji and read them with their sounds including different pictures beginning with the letter sound, they will also learn many poems, general knowledge questions and answers(including colors names, fruits names, their surroundings etc.), religious general knowledge question and answers and activities that go beyond the playgroup ideas of earlier educational systems.


So now when you will send your child to playgroup, you can expect for them to recognize alphabets and trace them all and know their phonetic sounds, expect for them to be familiar with counting up to twenty with an ability to trace or write the numbers independently, color properly and be able to know basic general knowledge and self-introduction.




Children who are enrolled for class nursery in preschool are 4 years old. These children especially if they have already spent a year in the playgroup, they will be now enforced to write alphabets, numbers, Haruf-e-Tahajji and make drawings independently without having to trace them on dots.

Sometimes during the beginning, these kids work with a single or double dots as a guide to write independently without tracing, but most of them can start writing independently from the very beginning. The writing may not be very neat in the beginning, but they will improve with time and within the whole year in the Nursery class they will be able to write clearly and neatly without any assistance.

preschool and nursery class

These kids also start learning reading without just images and they can identify different words including sight words, words with different diagraphs etc.

Kids in the class Nursery of Preschool also learn poems and general knowledge questions and answers and basic manners. These kids are able to perform their study tasks independently with very less assistance from the teachers. Your kid should be able to work with guidance and proper instructions without you having to help them do the work with continuous focus on each step.

If you are a parent, who is conscious about not sending your kid to school at the age of three years old, then you might need to start working on them at home and make them efficient enough to pass the tests and sit in Nursery class when they join the Preschool.

You might need to push your child to go through and learn everything that your area’s Playgroup children include in their syllabus. You will be helping your child to be more confident in Preschool and Nursery class as they will not need to spend few months in training for independent writing and reading so they can gain full advantage of nursery class.




A kindergartner is usually 5 years old. Because kids from the age of six get enrolled in first grade directly. All the kindergartners are trained efficiently to be able to start primary school with a very smooth transmission without having to face any obstacles to understand the curriculum and course of Grade One.

Many people today criticize the complex educational environment of kindergartens, but being an educationist, a teacher, a vice principle and a preschool head, I actually support the current curriculum of a kindergartner.

preschool and kindergarten


A kindergartner is basically a kid who is five to six years of age, mostly five and he/she is able to write and read in sentences and be very vocal and expressive.

I recently added science and social studies as must subjects for my kindergartners, where they get to go through chapters and solve exercises including MCQ’s, Fill in the blanks, True/False statements and questions and answers, despite these not being in the national curriculum, my kids have shown great acceptance towards learning them and I cannot explain how well they pulled it off in copy making, writing and learning everything by heart.

Usually, a Kindergartener can read simple sentences and write in sentences independently as well. They can add or subtract up to two or three digits, they know tables up to five, they know spellings of Week days, Months’ names, Fruits names, Body parts, Colors names and much more. They get to learn a bit complex general knowledge portion and can learn and read long poems with signs as well. They can draw and color and perform almost every activity in the class with very little assistance. These kids also learn to write down their own daily diaries and are an independent student by the end of kindergarten and can smoothly join and adjust in a primary school environment.


End Note


Following blog post has provided you with the basic knowledge of Preschool and also what is the right age and what kind of curriculum your child will get to follow at each level or in each class of a preschool.

If there are still some questions on your mind, please feel free to ask in the comments section below and also write to us personally via our Contact Us page. We will love to get back to you within 24 hours and will help you through your child’s preschool journey efficiently.



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