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If you teachers, fathers and mothers have already read our post about the Right Age for Preschool, then you must be aware that a Nursery Class student is about 4 years of age. Now If your child has already gone through the whole year of learning Playgroup syllabus that we posted for you guys in our latest post, then your child must be very much familiar with alphabets (including the upper case and lower case alphabets).


We will now be sharing the complete syllabus guide for Nursery Class’s  subject English in two halves. Not every kid is capable of learning very quickly and promoting classes, some kids need ample amount of time to reinforce and learn new concepts, hence just like  most of the schools offer two semesters or two terms known as Midterm and Final term, our whole syllabus for Nursery class is divided in six months for each term including the Midterm and Final term.


Let us begin this blog post and cover the whole syllabus that you child should be learning and consuming for each term and how much they must have learnt by the end of the nursery class year.


Midterm Syllabus For Nursery Class


When it comes to the subject of English and a Nursery student who is approximately four-year-old, the major role for a teacher or a parent (if child is being home schooled) will be accustomed to help them to revise the concepts including the alphabets, their sounds, words starting with the sound of alphabets on a daily basis.

Something that will be new and a shock for these four years old will be finding out that they now need to start writing the alphabets without the help of tracing dots.

Nursery Class Syllabus


The syllabus for Nursery class’s English syllabus for midterm will be divided in to three portions including reading, writing and oral learning. The whole syllabus will be very easy for you to understand and your little one will be completing it all by the end of the year including all other subjects, whose details will be on our websites for each class’s category.


Reading Syllabus For English (Midterm)


When it comes to reading in class Nursery syllabus, your major goal will be to helping your kids mix the sounds alphabets to pronounce CVC words or words having three letters. During these days, you will help your child to first revise the alphabets’ sounds and then print out a list of CVC words, help your child to look at the words and then mix the sounds of each letter to pronounce it.

Now this will not be an easy transition for many kids of this age, so you will be needing to repeat this activity without losing your patience for few days till they get the hang of doing it by themselves independently.

You might need to repeat the sounds again and again too, not for just few days but maybe for many upcoming weeks. Children of this age need some time to grasp the new concepts and learning new things especially when they are academic. They have just jumped from singing ABCs to start reading and they need time to adjust to it.

For the first six months of Nursery class’s English Subject preparation, you will need to help and push your child to revise the sounds and also visually have them look at a chart of Vowels by telling the sound for each vowel separately, and whilst doing so let them know Vowels are important to create meaningful words and they can see them in almost every word.

 Now after few days or weeks, depending on the intellect of your child, he/she must know the sounds of these letters without forgetting them, and they should be able to recognize these letters and say their sounds easily whilst reading words.  

There are many books out there in the market for the English subject for Nursery class, but if you want to invest in professional curriculum books, then our advice for you will be to go for the syllabus from Oxford University Press.

We love almost all of their books and we personally use their books with my school students and kids at my home as well. One of my favorite book that I love is First Steps To Early Years (Level 2) by Oxford University Press for my Nursery students.

This book does not only contain the revision of letters with various pictures beginning with the letters’ sounds, but it also has trading activities related to alphabets, diagraphs and double letters sounds etc. with a wonderful mix of reading stories to help children learn better. This book also contains many activity pages that require coloring and kids just love doing these activities and getting an excellent on them.

This book has helped Playgroup students to easily adjust with the Nursery environment and they did not even realize that they were moving towards complex reading after activities. They easily understood each activity and started to read and write for the book activities with big smiles on their face.


We will also advise you parents and teachers to introduce your children with sight words during this very stage along with reading from book. When they will already have a concept about sight words, they will easily read them when the reading will involve sentences.


Writing Syllabus For English (Midterm)


This is the stage where your kid might throw tantrums. Trust me on this, Nursery students the to write when they first find out that they will not be getting dotted guidance or tracing dots to write.

When it comes to work professionally. I divide the writing syllabus and activities in two halves that will be the midterm and final terms.

During the midterm, I take it very lightly on my students. Since I am an educationist and I keep creating courses and contents for my own kids, I have my self-deigned workbooks that I use with my Nursery kids.

Since this is regarding the writing syllabus for nursery class, I will only describe English workbook and its activities. In this Workbook, I first have a cover page with a huge cute image for an alphabet saying, Let’s Learn (Alphabet name), then after this cover page the kids get 3 whole pages where they have English lines to write on.

My students do not just write upper case letters first, I make them write both upper case and lower-case letters. For example, After introducing the letter A with a cute image that the kid can color, on next three pages they will write “Aa” four times in each line.

If you need the workbooks or you want to have a peek on them, you can contact me directly via contact form or comment down below, I will love to share the material for you, because these workbooks work like charm for Autistic students and many other special needs students as well.

So you basically can help them to write the very first page by holding their hands, or showing them how to write with fingers on sand in a tub and then once they have done practice on first page with your help, they will easily be able to do the next two on their own.


Oral Syllabus For English (Midterm)


When it comes to oral learning, this is where you will need a lot of activities to get the focus and attention of a Nursery class student. You will need to read a lot of CVC words worksheets, play such reading words games online and buy them readers which have simple stories with very simple sentences along with images to make the reading more interesting. All this work will be done in their reading syllabus work obviously but this is related to their oral learning as well.

To increase your child’s English speaking and oral intellect for the subject of English, you will need to get their attention, multiples times a day. For example, if they are playing with their pet, then you can ask them, “Honey can you pronounce the letters D-O-G with the help of their sound?”

Your child will immediately focus on the question and he/she will be able to pronounce dog, and let’s suppose if they were playing with a pet dog, they will be amazed and happy knowing that they can read their pet’s name anywhere now and can learn the spellings of many different objects, animals and things if you will keep repeating this activity for different names.

You will need to be very playful and admiring during this whole midterm duration. Do not push them too much, if they feel exhausted let them take a break and the try after few hours or even after one day. But slowly build their stamina and you will see that your child is ready to embark on their next journey for Nursery Class, in their Final Term.


Final Term Syllabus For Nursery Class


Final Term syllabus for Nursery class gets a bit harder in the Final Term. But they will gradually be able to push themselves to do more and will adjust with their Final Term syllabus within few days.

Nursery syllabus for English



Reading Syllabus For English (Final Term)


The strategy of English syllabus for the final term syllabus will be similar to the midterm reading strategy, you will just help your child to move a little further and start reading new stories with them which include four letter words as well and many new sight words and words with diagraphs.

You can now introduce them to diagraphs most importantly learning “Sh, Th, & Ch” diagraphs with different words starting with sounds of these diagraphs. For example, Chick, Thumb, Shut etc. It will be really great if these diagraph words will have images next to them as well. This will make the enforcement and learning easy.

During this time, make sure to keep revising the alphabets and their sounds that they learnt in their midterm syllabus and during playgroup year on a daily basis, so that they do not forget their old lessons whilst learning the new ones.

Students of Nursery class are not much different than the playgroup students. They might tend to forget the learnt concepts very often and hence they need your help to revise their concepts with them again and again without showing any frustrations.

Remember that some students of this age are gifted and are excellent at grasping the concepts but there are few students who are slow learner, and we will be needing to give them the time to learn without showing frustrations and anger or giving up on them.


Writing Syllabus For English (Final Term)


Now by reaching the Final term, students of the Nursery class will switch to regular note books or home work copies with four lines.

During this stage, many people disagree with me, but I tend to teach my students how they need to make their daily copy for the lessons including how they will write date and day on the page and how they can use a scale to draw a margin line on each page of the copy.

Now I do not push them to do it right away. I keep a small session in initial days where I ask them what day it is and what is the date, when they answer me, I tell them that now that they will be using the copies, they will be needing to put day and date on their daily class work and home work they will be getting as well.

Once they find out that this is how we will be working, I introduce the concept of a margin line and then for next one or two weeks I do it by myself for each kid but with them sitting in front of them. And after a few weeks, them start doing it themselves, and trust me I appreciate them even if its not evenly written date or day or an evenly drawn margin line. They get the hold of it really well and are perfect in two to three months.

Once we learn how to make copies, I make them write alphabets multiple times from “Aa-Zz.” Sometimes they just have to write capital case letters and other few times they write small case letters.

The next step, once you are sure they can write alphabets, will be to help them write five names of fruits, colors and vegetables on their copies. For this purpose, you will need to write each name by yourself with a black or red pointer and then ask them to copy it on the lines of whole page below. You can use one page for two names only.

You can either make them learn the spellings first and then ask them to write on copy themselves or do it the way I explained earlier. They will already know them as they will be learning them in their oral lessons beforehand or along with the same activity if you decide to make them write and learn not learn and write.


And yes, my nursery class students do it all. And no, they do not find it too much or a burden. I will soon upload some real images of copy work of my students, if you guys want to know how I do it in my class and what kind of notebooks or writing supplies you will be needing for your kid or student.

Do leave me a comment or use the contact form to reach out to me if you need picture visualization of the whole concept.


Oral Syllabus For English (Final Term)


Oral will not be different than the previous semester, i.e. the midterm oral syllabus strategy.

In the final semester, just like the final term of playgroup, always begin your English lecture by singing the alphabets song with its sounds and then make your students sing it all one by one.

Now you can write diagraphs on the board and then ask your students if they can make or speak a word having the sound of that diagraph written on the board. This way they will be able to become affluent in oral speaking of English.

Nursery students will be learning the names of five fruits, five vegetables, five colors & five body parts etc. with spellings orally as well.

They will learn two names for two days. Use names with easy spellings and within one week they will learn five names for one category for sure and then repeat the same process for other two categories for each coming week. But do not forget to keep repeating and revising the old ones, to make sure that they are not forgetting old concepts with the introduction of something new.


End Note


Apart from the workbooks, notebooks and books, you can use different worksheets on some days skipping the regular school work to make the learning environment enjoyable for your child and to make them more engaged with learning.


If you want unique and interesting worksheets for Nursery class, do let us know, because Gemini Home School is all about providing the best material and guidelines for every kid around the globe. We will be happy to provide you with worksheets for each class of preschool including the playgroup.


If you liked this blog post and you want for us to review different books and provide you with workbooks and worksheets that you can use in longer term for your children or students, get in touch with us and share this with other educationists and parents to let us reach more students that may need our courses, guideline and materials.

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