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Mathematics may be hated by many students in their later stage, but Preschool students love mathematics. All of them do. Today we will have a look at the playgroup mathematics syllabus for complete one year.


The playgroup mathematics curriculum has been divided in two portions or let’s say we will divide it in two terms named as Midterm & Final Term, which will cover the whole year.


Playgroup Mathematics Syllabus (Midterm)


Midterm Syllabus For Playgroup










6 Months


1 to 10 numbers recognition, Look and read the numbers, Count and select the write number worksheets, Match similar number worksheets etc. All pages of book that cover counting from 1 till 10.



(Copy Work)




6 Months

1 to 10 counting tracing on dots.



Oral Learning


6 Months


Learn all the copy work and any other learning material required to be learnt from the book, worksheets and activities.



Reading Syllabus For Mathematics (Midterm)


When it comes to playgroup, a four-year-old or a 3-year-old struggles to grasping the concept of recognizing different numbers. Hence like other subjects, mathematics also comes with the repetitive reading activities where a kid will get to recognize numbers from 1 to 20.

Now you can use various activities to help your child recognizing numbers. Most of these activities may include different objects or toys that they can count and then you place the exact same number in front of the kid.

Another good activity is to watch or read some poems from a book that include numbers as visuals in them. Visual activities are really fun. It will take them at least few weeks to recognize and identify every number when asked, so worry not about that as this is a natural process and growth rate of a playgroup student.

These kids might take just two weeks or 3 or 4 months to properly recognize the numbers. Just understand that every kid has different potential. And some kids are quick learners where as some are slow learners. Hence our priority should always be to set a speed rate where both can learn together and not a pce that is acceptable for a quick leaner only.



Writing Syllabus For Mathematics (Midterm)


When it comes to writing, you will have to get tracing worksheets for mathematics. You will actually divide their work for two terms and they will learn to write numbers 1-10 in the midterm and then in the final term they will learn to write the numbers from 11-20.

Now if your kid is a quick learner they might trace really well. But if your kid has never tried coloring activities at home then they might need one or two weeks to just learn how to hold a pencil properly and then they will start tracing.

For the numbers tracing practice, the best would be to use a workbook or worksheet which has the same amount of pictures of something interesting that the kid can count and understand what number they are writing.


Oral Syllabus For Mathematics (Midterm)


When it comes to oral learning, students are usually asked to count the numbers from 1 to 10. You can also make them learn the poem “Once I caught a fish alive”, as kids find it really interesting to learn and read out loud their lessons in a fun way.

When I take assessments for mathematics, in the oral part, I use many different worksheets where the kids get to match similar numbers, count some pictures and then point their finger at the correct answer given in the multiple choice.

So there are so many activities to help your playgroup students to learn and recognize numbers.

We will be posting mathematics worksheets for playgroup on Gemini Home School soon. I will also upload the mathematics workbooks that you may get to use for your kids.  

I am sure these materials will be really helpful for you guys and your children in setting the foundation of their early educational years.


Playgroup Mathematics Syllabus (Final Term)



Things always become easy in the final term. During the first six months of midterm, you might be thinking that your students or your kids will never be able to learn or you may doubt if you are teaching well or not.

But being a student of playgroup, that is your kid’s first step into learning and education. So, the first six months will be tough for them. But when they will give the midterm assessments and then move to the Final Term, you will be surprised to see them working individually and grasping concepts more easily.


Final Term Syllabus For Playgroup










6 Months


11 to 20 numbers recognition, Look and read the numbers, Count and select the write number worksheets, Match similar number worksheets etc. All pages of book that cover counting from 11 till 20.



(Copy Work)




6 Months

11 to 20 numbers tracing on dots.



Oral Learning


6 Months


Learn all the copy work and any other learning material required to be learnt from the book, worksheets and activities.



Reading Syllabus For Mathematics (Final Term)


Final term is not different than the midterm. Now that your kid is familiar with what numbers are and they can recognize the numbers from one to ten, your next will be to introduce them to the numbers starting from eleven till 20.

For teaching these numbers, I will again recommend to use the books that come with many different activities and have several activities where kids get to count different pictures and then find the number as per the count.

There are many books out in the market, I love the books from Oxford University Press for academic learning of preschoolers. One of my favorites is the “First Steps to Early Years (Level 1)” by Oxford University Press.

In this book, the kids get to count and read and then have many activity pages as well which helps them to learn whilst having funs.

But along with this book, I will recommend for you to get your child blocks that have numbers printed on them and then involve them in counting activities by using blocks.

They can be asked to stack the blocks on each other starting from one till 10. Or you can also use multiple mathematics reading books, where the kids will count and then point to the number and say it.

These activities related to reading are very necessary for your child to recognize the numbers, because just writing or tracing them will not help them recognize the numbers. Kids that are in playgroup, require different playful activities to learn, because they cannot learn without having something interesting to help them focus on learning and recognizing stuff.


Writing Syllabus For Mathematics (Final Term)


Now that midterm is done, you will be using the workbooks where your child or student will learn to trace the numbers from 11 to 20. Since they already have been tracing the numbers from 1 to 10, this will be really easy for them, now that they have also perfected their pencil holding grip.

Nothing will be tougher for you or the child in the final term. You have another perk of using different worksheets and be more creative with them by not just depending on their workbooks.

You will still need to help them rewrite the numbers from 1 to 10 along with teaching them the numbers 11 to 20. Kids from playgroup, tend to forget old concepts easily, hence they need to revise their concepts again and again the whole year.


Oral Syllabus For Mathematics (Final Term)

Oral syllabus will not have a different approach here. You can do everything that is mentioned for the oral syllabus of midterm.

You can though use different activities and worksheets for your kids to recognize and point at the right number, or count and pick the right number etc.

At this time of the study year, you will also need to help them revise their midterm concepts, so that they do not forget those whilst learning the new ones. So oral worksheets should also contain the activities related to numbers 1-10 and not just 11-20.


End Note

Mathematics is somehow favorite of every 4 years old kid. You will find the kids choosing this subject over the other a lot. This blog post has stated everything that your child should have learnt in playgroup mathematics syllabus  by the end of their playgroup year.

Hence you should make sure that they can recognize numbers from 1 to 20. They can trace them neatly and can perform various activities involving numbers.

We will be bringing hundreds of worksheets for playgroup mathematics syllabus on our website soon. Stay in touch with Gemini Home School and do expect to get loads of free playgroup mathematics curriculum related material that you will be able to use anywhere in the world, because our syllabus guides and worksheets are not catering to a single country. They are for every kid around the globe.


Syllabus In The Form Of Pictures


Playgroup syllabus for mathematics

Playgroup mathematics syllabus

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