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This blog post is going to guide you about the Nursery mathematics syllabus that a nursery class student covers in whole school year for nursery. The syllabus has been specially designed to suit the need of every child who is the age group of Nursery class students.

The complete syllabus has been divided into two terms named, Midterm and Final Term. Each term comprises of six months and as a whole they make one year worth of stud syllabus for Nursery.

Midterm is the first term and the first half of the year and final term will be the last half of the year.


Nursery Syllabus For Mathematics (Midterm)


When it comes to Nursery class, a four-year-old or a 5-year-old will first struggle for a few days. During Preschool years, it is easier for a Kindergartener and a playgroup student to learn and grasp the concepts without too much struggle. But when it comes to a kid who is promoted to nursery, things are really tough for most of them in the initial one or two months.

Midterm Syllabus For Nursery










6 Months


1 to 50 numbers recognition, Look and read the numbers, Count and select/circle the write number worksheets, match similar number worksheets, fill in the missing numbers etc. Concepts of small & big, odd objects, Short, shorter and shortest etc., backward counting concept (30-1), 40 to 50 pages of book mentioned in the blog post.




(Copy Work)




6 Months

1 to 50 counting without dots on the worksheet provided by Gemini Home School,

backwards counting (30-1), all worksheets related to the concepts mentioned in the

reading portion & counting in words from 1 to 10. Also all the activities from work

that involve writing.


Oral Learning


6 Months


Learn all the copy work and any other learning material required to be learnt from the book, worksheets and activities.

The major reason for that is because these kids have to start writing on their own without tracing and that is difficult in the beginning. But this will be quite easy on them if you will follow our way of teaching strategy with your nursery student or kid.


Reading Syllabus For Mathematics (Midterm)


As you have already read in my previous post regarding the Playgroup Mathematics Syllabus, you must be aware that now that your kid or student is in Nursery class, they are already familiar with numbers up till 20.

The next thing that they will be introduced to will be the family of 20. Things become really easy in reading the Nursery Mathematics Syllabus.

You can tell the kids that whenever they see the number 1 to 0 written next to 2, it means they are from a family of 20 and they just need to say Twenty first and then name the next number.

For example, write 25 and then tell them 5 is written after 2, that means it belongs to the family of twenty. Hence, we say twenty and then five to name them together.

This way, you will tell them the family of thirty, forty and fifty as well.

During the midterm, Nursery students will learn to read and recognize the numbers till 50 only.

To reinforce these concepts and to help them recognize the numbers, you can use various activities including count and select the write number worksheets for mathematics, match the same numbers, count and point to the correct answer, count the objects and tell the correct name of the number etc.

Now the mathematics syllabus for nursery is not all about numbers. They also get to learn the concepts of tall and short, picking out odd objects from similar objects, concept of short, shorter and shortest, concept of tall, taller and tallest and they also get to read the spellings for the counting for number 1 to 10 only during the midterm.

For the concepts mentioned above, you can use objects of different sizes, explain the concepts and then give some worksheets related to the concepts to kids to reinforce the concepts.

I will be uploading hundreds of free Mathematics worksheets for Nursery on this website and also free workbooks of mathematics for nursery class that you can access easily.

If you want a professional curriculum book for mathematics, then my recommendation would be the book “First Steps To Early Years (Level 2)” by Oxford University Press. This book is really great and is loved by every Nursery student.


Writing Syllabus For Mathematics (Midterm)


Writing does not come easy to a nursery student. This is the first time when they will be writing down on their own without dotted lines to help them trace.

Some students do not write neatly for one or two or even three weeks, but they will soon be writing perfectly. You will need to have patience for them to perfect this skill of writing by themselves without any guide.

They will have to start writing numbers from 1 to 20 first, that they have already traced in their playgroup year. Since they will have the knowledge of tracing practice and then they will get guidance from their teacher or parents too, things will be easier with time.

To help them write individually, you can use small white boards or a tray with sand and help them write the numbers with hands to understand the hand movement and then move them to their workbooks or copies for writing there.

Kids of grade nursery will also learn the concept of backwards counting and they will write it down from 30 to 1 in the midterm. They will also learn what comes before and after a number with the help of white board activities and worksheets with verbal explanation.

You will also be using the worksheets that have counting from one to fifty with some missing numbers and the kids will b asked to fill in the missing numbers. This practice will be repeated throughout the term work for helping them perfect their learning and recognition of numbers.

Please notice here that you will need to tell your child or student to practice keeping up with neat work, because this is where they are learning the basics of writing.

If a kid is not taught how to write neatly from nursery level, then you cannot expect them to make the habit of neat work in later stages because once a habit of carelessness develops, students cannot really correct it easily in older ages.

Hence Nursery and Kindergarten are the right grades and age groups where you can teach your children to read and write effectively and neatly.

I will be sharing my personally customized Mathematics workbook for nursery soon on Gemini Home School. You do not need to buy any other workbooks for the midterm. You will get everything in one package.


Oral Syllabus For Mathematics (Midterm)


In oral learning a nursery student must be able to read out loud numbers 1 to 50 without forgetting.

They must also learn counting in words from 1 to 10. Now this will take some days or two weeks for some.

Stay patient but you must make them learn counting in words till 10, so that they understand it and can carry forward to learning it more in final term and in kindergarten after graduating nursery.

They should also be able to tell the concepts of tall, short, odd objects etc verbally and should be able to look at different objects and count and verbally tell the total sum as a number.



Nursery Syllabus For Mathematics (Final Term)


Final Term Syllabus For Nursery










6 Months


50 to 100 numbers recognition, Look and read the numbers, Count and select the write number worksheets, match similar number worksheets, fill in the missing numbers, skip counting concept, backwards counting concept (50-1) & All pages of book that were left after midterm.



(Copy Work)




6 Months

50 to 100 numbers writing on the notebook, writing activities given in the book, Table of two, counting in words (1 to 20), backwards counting (50-1) & Worksheets related to all the concepts learnt during the midterm and final term.



Oral Learning


6 Months


Learn all the copy work and any other learning material required to be learnt from the book, worksheets and activities.


Final term will be quite easier for your child because they have now been into the new stuff from past six months. But they will still be feeling a little pushed to do more than they think they should be ding, because in final term we are going to introduce some new concepts that you will be reading now.


Reading Syllabus For Mathematics (Final Term)


In the final term, the first thing to do will be revising the midterm reading syllabus for the first week to make sure the concepts are still intact in the kid’s mind.

Next step would be moving forward to reading the numbers and recognizing the numbers from 50 to 100.

This might be easy for your kid or student now that they have spent 6 months already learning these concepts and now, they just have to use the same techniques for new numbers.

The whole reading strategy will be the same like midterm with revision of each concept from midterm like, big, small, odd objects, tall or tallest etc.

The new concept that you will be adding to the reading or visual activity of class nursery will be the concept of learning about money and understanding the currency of the country your kid is from.

The second new concept that will be added will be skip counting. For this purpose, you can write down numbers from 1 to 10 or 1 to 20 on the floor and then tell your kids to skip 2 numbers from 1 and stand on the number that comes after skipping two digits.

This way each kid will repeat this activity and they will learn to skip counting by 2’s easily. You can further add skip counting by 5 or ten, but if they find it difficult, you can stick to skip counting by 2 and move on with big numbers in kindergarten.

Third new concept will be the concept of addition and subtraction using single digit numbers only. In reading syllabus, you will need to give them the concept of counting all objects together for addition and the concept of taking out and counting the remaining objects for subtraction and then do it repeatedly for next 6 months to perfect their concepts.

You may also add up the concept of tens and ones in the syllabus if your kid is doing well with other concepts.

Reading syllabus ends here, now let’s move on to the writing and oral mathematics syllabus for nursery class.


Writing Syllabus For Mathematics (Final Term)


For the Final Term, I shift the kids from writing on workbooks  to writing on notebooks.

As they will be moving to Kindergarten soon, hence I like to help them understand the basics before stepping ahead.

The kids will learn that they need to draw margin lines on copies, put day and date and classwork or homework for the respective date and day.

Now that you know that they will be writing on the copies, you need to buy squared copies for nursery class students.

On the copies, they will write numbers from 1 to 100. You can make them write 10 or 20 numbers on a daily basis and ask them to read each number aloud whilst writing, this will help them recognize the numbers and will male the reading tasks easier.

After numbers, you will also make them write counting in words. This will be done in two stages. First they will write 1 to 10 counting in numbers themselves as they did it in midterm already.

Then you will write down counting in words on board from 11 to 20 and they will copy it on their notebook as per the formatting on the white board.

We will also be introducing the concept of tables to the nursery class and have them write down the table of two on their copies.

These kids will also learn the concept of backward counting and will count backwards from 50 to 1 in the final term.

Along with this work on the copies, you will print and do various worksheets of mathematics for grade nursery that will be available on this website.

These worksheets will be glued on the notebooks as well so that the kids do not lose them and then these will be helpful for the child to revise and memorize the concepts before final term assessments or exams that will be written of course.


Oral Syllabus For Mathematics (Final Term)


In the oral syllabus, the student will learn all the concepts from book and copy work.

They should be able to verbally count till 100. Count backwards from 30 to 1.

They should remember counting in words from 1 to 20 and be able to tell the spellings out loud when asked for any number randomly.

They should be able to skip count and tell the write number after skipping 2 digits from a said number.

Nursery kids should also be able to read out aloud the table of 2 and should be able to answer relating to the concepts taught in class about currency, big and small, short, shorter and shortest etc.

Make sure they remember everything done in the midterm and the final term before they enter kindergarten class.


End Note


Teaching nursery class can take a toll on some teachers when the kids throw tantrums and mood swings on learning new concepts and when introduced to writing without any dotted lines guide.

Your patience and friendly approach will come very handy with the kids. These are the kids that will be moving to kindergarten and you need to make their base really strong.

So, work hard on these kids and do not forget staying soft with them. Together you and your child will do wonders with learning and perfecting the nursery concepts of each child or student of yours.


Syllabus In The Form Of Pictures


Syllabus for Nursery class

Nursery mathematics syllabus


Hurry Up!

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