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Playgroup alphabets tracing worksheets by Gemini Home School has specially been designed to fit the needs of every playgroup student of an age group between 3-4.5 years old. Many different tracing worksheets will be uploaded in this blog post after every few days.

You will find the worksheets and workbooks as Free printable worksheets or workbooks below. There will be download buttons available at the end of the article, you can click and save every workbook and worksheet free of cost.

Print these worksheets and workbooks and use them for your kids or students. They will love them for sure.

Before you download these worksheets and workbooks, I am going to leave some guidelines below that will help you to teach your students and kids how to trace and create a firm grip on their pencils.


Worksheets/Workbooks Guidelines for Parents & Teachers


When four or three years old enters the school, the very first thing in academics that they learn will be holding a pencil and developing a tracing grip over then pencils. You cannot really expect for a 3- to four-year-old kid to be really efficient with holding a pen or tracing proper lines over dots even for bigger alphabets.

  • If your student or kid never had been introduced with writing then the very first thing that you will need to will be to give them colors, crayons in the starting days and let them color different pictures or draw any kind of lines they want to.
  • With time they will learn to make a grip on the crayon and then slowly move them to pencil colors and then give them lead pencil and tracing alphabets sheets to start practicing.
  • In the beginning the students might not be able to trace perfectly. Keep an eraser nearby and then erase the alphabets that is not traced well and ask them to trace it again. Within few days’ times, they will be tracing the letters perfectly.
  • Do not forget that every alphabet or every English letter has a different way to write it. When teachers or parents give their children tracing worksheets, they usually forget that kids only know they need to write over the dots, they do not know where to start and where to end. Hence for first five letters, hold their hands and trace slowly with them to tell them how each alphabet or English letter should be traced and then monitor them for next words if they are tracing the letter in the right way.
  • If kids will know how a letter is written, then it will be really easy for them to start writing these letters without dots when they will move to next class or Nursery class.


Worksheets & Workbooks


Below you will find free printable worksheets pdf files. All these worksheets and workbooks have been designed for playgroup. We will keep adding more Playgroup alphabets tracing worksheets to this blog post, therefore keep coming back for worksheets, because kids love trying different kinds of study materials and usually get bored if asked to do same worksheets again and again.


Alphabets Practice Reusable Workbook (Aa-Zz)


This is a beginner workbook. It contains bigger tracing uppercase and lowercase letters. This worksheet is going to be a long-term investment and you can use it with multiple kids as well.

Basically, this is a free printable worksheet that you can print and laminate and reuse as many times and with as many kids you want to use it for.

Alphabets Practice Reusable Book


Alphabets Tracing Practice Book (Aa-Zz)


This is a workbook which contains A-Z alphabets tracing letters, and it also contains a separate line without any dotted lines to help the kids write by themselves.

Now not all students will be able to do so in the beginning, as this is a bit too early to ask it, therefore this workbook is basically meant for the students who are above the age of 3 years and are able to write by themselves too if pushed to do so.

You can definitely try this worksheet for your three years old as well, but after they have learnt tracing bigger alphabets and then general sized alphabet letters.

Do not forget to ask your kids to color each picture that comes with each letter and learn its name as well. This help with letter recognition and sound of letter as well.

When your kid or student gets to trace a new letter, say it out loud in front of them by pointing a finger at the letter, saying its sound and then naming the picture next to it and tell them it begins with the sound of the letter.

Alphabets Tracing Practice Book


Trace Uppercase & Lowercase Alphabets Worksheets (Aa-Zz)


These are single page worksheets, which are colorful and attractive. One worksheet has all the uppercase letters, and the other one has all the lowercase letters inside the shapes of ice cream treats.

You can make this activity of tracing fun by offering an ice cream treat once they finish both the worksheets and trace all the letters in the right directions of writing or tracing them down on a paper.


Trace Uppercase & Lowercase Letters Worksheet


End Note


If you have found these worksheets helpful, then do not forget to keep sharing them with other parents and teachers who need them. All of our Preschool worksheets and Preschool workbooks are designed to be used by every preschooler around the globe including the neuro typical kids and special needs children including autistic children.

Hence our every course material provided under the categories of preschool grades level including playgroup are inclusive courses, syllabuses, worksheets and workbooks.

Do not forget to leave your feedback in the comments section, and if you want customized worksheets or if you have ideas that you wish to see in our upcoming worksheets, please contact us using our contact forms or leave your emails and ideas in the comments sections and we will love to bring them to reality.

Spread our material to everyone around you, so that you can help us achieve the mission of providing free education to every one and help Gemini Home School become the number one community of free inclusive education providers across the globe.





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