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As you read in the title, this blog post is all about Free Printable Kindergarten Science Worksheets that any parent who is homeschooling or any teacher or school can print and use with their kindergarteners.


If you are already familiar with Gemini Home School’s take on Kindergarten Science Curriculum, then you must be aware that we have our own Science Book For Kindergarten Which is available as text in the blog post mentioned above and also as a pdf science book for kindergarten and its solution in free printable form in our Kindergarten Worksheets & Workbooks Category.


Our Science book for kindergarten contains four major chapters that every kid should learn having every science concept kindergartners must know before entering the first grade or primary school.


All of worksheets that are going to be uploaded as Free Printable Kindergarten Science Worksheets in this Kindergarten Science Worksheets related blog posts will cover every topic mentioned in our science book for kindergarten.


So in case if you have read our Science Syllabus for kindergarten, and you are already using our book and teaching strategy with your child, then these worksheets are going to be of great help to you and your kindergartener.


Guidelines To Solve Free Printable Kindergarten Science Worksheets


  • The worksheets are based on major science related concepts that are taught to the kindergarten students.
  • Most of the worksheets uploaded will cover each topic of Science Book for Kindergarten by Gemini Home School. And if yo are not using our book, you can still use these science worksheets for kindergarten because they will be covering every basic concept taught to kindergarteners.
  • Try and choose the worksheets based on the current science topic that you are teaching in your class. When the concept is really fresh in the mind of kids, and they get to solve interesting worksheets based on the fresh concept it actually reinforces the concept and it will stay with them lifetime.
  • Handover a worksheet to each kid. Talk about the concept the science worksheet is about and then read out the worksheet instructions to the kids.
  • Once they understand the instructions, try and solve first worksheet with them, so that they know what they are expected to do.
  • After they successfully solve one worksheet with you, every other Science worksheet for kindergarten by Gemini Home School will be easy to solve by your kindergartners and they will love solving these worksheets. My students love these worksheets for sure.
  • Always appreciate everyone and grade their worksheets. After finishing each worksheet, revise the concept again and try to use as many worksheets s possible related to each science chapter and concept that you are teaching to your kindergarten student or child if it is about homeschooling.


Free Printable Kindergarten Science Worksheets


Each worksheets pdf uploaded below contains an interesting introduction to the worksheet. You can use these introductions to tell your kids about the worksheets to make them aware of the worksheets and the concept behind the worksheets.

This blog post will keep getting updated with new and new worksheets every other day or week, So do keep coming back to this same blog post to keep getting unlimited amount of kindergarten science worksheets pdf.


 Kindergarten Science Worksheets Human Body


The very first thing that kindergarten students learn in science is the introduction to the human body. Below you will find free printable kindergarten science worksheets related to body parts.


Parts Of The Body Science Worksheet For Kindergarten


Kindergarten Science Worksheets Five Senses


If you are going to teach science to preschoolers and kindergarteners especially, then you can never forget to teach them about five senses. Our free printable kindergarten science worksheets for five senses include puzzles and interesting activities which involve reading and writing as well.

These kindergarten science worksheets pdf files are high quality and you can print them in colored format to make learning more fun for your kindergartners.


Five Senses Puzzle Science Worksheets For Kindergarten

Five Senses Kindergarten Science Worksheet

Five Senses Free Printable Kindergarten Science Worksheet


Kindergarten Cleanliness Science Worksheets


Cleanliness is not just an important aspect of our lives, but an important part of kindergarten science subject as well. Here kindergarteners get to learn the importance of cleanliness of their body, home, environment and earth in general.

Science book for kindergarten by Gemini Home School has an interesting chapter on this topic that you can read and teach to your children along with using the free printable kindergarten science worksheets about personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness.


Personal Hygiene Science Worksheet For Kindergarten

Environment & Cleanliness Kindergarten Printable Science Worksheet


Kindergarten Science Worksheets Seasons


With science comes the introduction to the four seasons with the introduction of planet earth and its revolution around the sun. We have some wonderful kindergarten science worksheets pdf below on the topic of seasons and science.


The 4 Seasons Kindergarten Science Worksheet

Kindergarten Science Worksheet Seasons Puzzle


Kindergarten Science Worksheets

Day & Night


Now when earth is introduced to the kindergarteners in science subject lectures. They do not just study about earth’s revolution around the sun, they also learn about the earth’s revolution around its own orbit as well which causes day and night.

We have some wonderful free printable kindergarten science worksheets on the concept of day and night that you can use with your students or children if you are homeschooling. These kindergarten science worksheets pdf files are going to be loved by your kindergarteners.

We will also advise you to reinforce the concept of day and night because of the revolution of earth around its orbit along with its revolution around the sun, by using the chapter from our science book for kindergarten. It has helped our students to learn quickly by reading the chapter and by solving interesting exercises of the chapter from the book.


Kindergarten Science Worksheet Day & Night


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