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Science Book For Kindergarten by Gemini Home School, has been specially been curated after considering the topics and concepts that a 5 years old brain of kindergarten students need to learn and remember.

This book contains four chapters and all of these four chapters contain content and concepts that are required to be taught to a kindergartener at any country in the world. Hence you can be assured to use this book with your little one knowing that he is learning what he needs to learn like every other kindergartener.

You will get a free Science Book for Kindergarten Pdf in this blog post right at the end of the post. Before uploading the free Kindergarten Science Book Pdf, I will like to leave a short introduction to every chapter of this book, so that you can understand the context of the book.

I have uploaded the yearly planner and Science Syllabus of Kindergarten based on the same book. You can check that blog post to figure out how you will be teaching this book to your students.


Science Book For kindergarten


Below you will find a short introduction to each chapter of Science Book For Kindergarten by Gemini Home School.


Chapter 1: Human Body


In this chapter, the students will get introduced to our body and its major body parts. Here you will get to do different activities with them and ask them about their major body parts.

The kids will also learn about five senses and five sense organs of human body. They will learn the function and importance of five sense organs and senses.


Chapter 2: Cleanliness


We all know that cleanliness is a major part of our lifestyle. Not just that cleanliness is also an important part of science. As the kids will read this chapter, they will learn that staying unclean or dirty can get them sick because germs stay at unclean places.

They will also learn that they do not just need to keep their bodies clean, but they also need to keep their environment and the earth clean in order to have a healthy body, house, city and earth in general.


Chapter 3: Plants & Animals


In this chapter, the kindergarteners will learn that the difference between living and non-living things.

They will also learn about animals and plants. When it comes to the topic of plants, they will learn about different type of plants and then they will learn many uses of plants in human lives.

For animals, in our book, we have kept it minimal yet very informative. Kindergarteners will learn that there are different sizes of animals and that there are animals that are wild and dangerous yet there are some that we can keep as domestic animals and can get various benefits from.

Kindergarten students will also get to learn that every animals lives in a specific place and that how and why we should take care of the animals and plants in this world.


Chapter 4: The Earth And The Sky


This is the last but another important chapter full of the important information that should be taught to the kindergarteners.

In this chapter, the kindergarteners will learn that earth exists because of the presence of water and oxygen on it.

They will also learn that there are about nine planets including earth that are revolving around the sun.

Once they learn that planets revolve around the sun, they will get to learn that the earth gets four seasons due to its revolution around the sun and not just that but earth also has its own orbit around which its moving during its revolution around sun, which causes the day and night.

Once these concepts are clear, they will learn about the sky and the stars and get introduced to our bright night star “The Moon”.


Guidelines For Teaching Science Book For Kindergarten


If you have already read my Science Curriculum for Kindergarten blog post, you must have an idea about how and when to teach which portion of the book.

But for those of you, who have not yet gone through the post, I will again leave some tips below so that you can apply them in your teaching methodology with your five year old’s.


  • This science book for kindergarten has the text or the content of each chapter written in a tough vocabulary, which may not be easy for any kindergarten student to read. But the sole purpose for that is for the kids because they do not need to read it. They would need someone to read it to them and make it interesting based on their teaching methodology.
  • The exercise of chapter of Science Book for Kindergarten have been written in a very easy to understand way so that each kid will be able to answer the given questions without any hesitancy or help from the teacher, when done with a good lecture and understanding of each chapter.
  • Read one chapter, use all the Science Worksheets for Kindergarten by Gemini Home School to reinforce the concepts and try to make lectures interesting by mixing the techniques of verbal lectures with an inclusion of animated videos from YouTube.
  • Divide the four chapters into half. If you are going to teach them for two terms in one year then each term includes two chapters in syllabus. But if your school offers four semesters, then each one will contain one chapter.
  • A solution key can also be given along with Science Book For Kindergarten for your assistance. You can download it to see the answers, if you are confused with something from the exercises. If you want a solution key of the book, then do let us know in the comments sections below and we will be uploading it for you or sure.


Science Book For Kindergarten PDF


Science Book For Kindergarten By Gemini Home School


You can find this book in the form of our blog post named “Kindergarten Science Curriculum”, in case if you are interested to copy and paste the exercise part only for printing and providing your kid to solve and wish to read the book online.

You can also find many worksheets related to each chapter of the book from our blog post “Free Printable Kindergarten Science Worksheets”.


End Note


Please share this Kindergarten Science Book blog post with other institutions or parents who want to home school their kindergartners. You can use this approach for every kid including the kids having autism and ADHD etc.

If you want to know how to use this book with special needs children, then please leave a comment down below and we will get back to you with a proper response personally by taking information about your special needs kid from you.

Keep coming back to Gemini Home School for more inclusive and free educational content including, syllabus guides, planners, books, workbooks & Worksheets etc.

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