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Kindergarten Social Studies Book is a specially designed social studies book for kindergarten.

This book comprises of four basic chapters with knowledge and content that each five years old kid or each kindergartener needs to learn.

In this blog post, I am going to provide you guys with this specially designed Social Studies Book for Kindergarten by Gemini Home School.

The Kindergarten Social Studies Book free Pdf will be available at the end of the blog post. Before sharing the book, I want to share the short detail about each chapter provided in the book, following with some instructions on how to teach those chapters and the whole book by dividing it into one whole year syllabus.


Kindergarten Social Studies Book By Gemini Home School


This book contains four chapters, as mentioned earlier. The detail of each chapter can be found below with its name.


Chapter 1: Myself And My Family


Every kindergartener has to learn their introduction and their family’s introduction first and foremost in the social studies and for being a part of their social environment.

This chapter will teach the children that what comes in their introduction via activity worksheet on the first page of this chapter and then it explores the nuclear and extended family systems, so that the kids get to understand which relations come in their nuclear family and how much a family is extended into further relationships that are attached to both their parents.

The kids will also learn about the family tree and then get to perform an activity worksheet related to family tree inside their chapter.

You can find more worksheets related to every topic inside this workbook in our Worksheets and Workbooks Category.


Chapter 2: Home And Surroundings


This chapter introduces kids to different types of buildings around them. It also tells them that there are some common rooms like kitchen, bedroom and bathroom that are found in every household.

This is basically necessary for the awareness of these five years old to be able to recognize these areas in different houses they go to and to understand how there are some basic needs of their societies and in what ways every household is similar in their lifestyle based on the needs of eating, resting and cleaning themselves.

Once they learn the basics of households and different types of buildings. They will get to learn about maps and how these maps help to identify and locate places.

They will learn about the compass rose and different things that make a perfect map including Map Title and Map Key.

Teachers can help them learn this really ell by telling them how to find directions using map and solving the activity on the book and also solving various map activity worksheets available on Gemini Home School website.


Chapter 3: Lifestyle And Occupations


This chapter tells the children about different occupations and how these occupations help people to earn their livelihoods.

Here the kids will learn that whatever facilities they are getting, their parents are working hard to provide for them and that they will also need to select an occupation later in life to become financially independent.

The best part about this book will be to teach the children that all the house wives and their mothers who do not do job and are stay at home moms also deserve the same respect as every other occupation.

They should learn that the job of raising a kid is as tough as the job their father is doing to provide for them.

Not just this, they must be taught that every occupation deserves equal resect either it is a doctor or a janitor, every person is working hard to earn money to provide for themselves and their families, hence everyone is equal.

Once the kids learn about all the said points, they will get introduced to the topic of good manners, because obviously social studies and society is incomplete without following manners and norms that fit the social needs.

There is a huge list of manners that have been provided in the chapters, the teachers can print them out and give every student and then ask them to tick the ones they are following. This will help the kids understand how important they are and they will start following up on the ones they never knew were important to follow.


Chapter 4: My Country


Learning social studies means learning everything about the country one is living in. Starting from the name of country to the languages, provinces, culture, traditions and national holidays of their respective countries.

In this book, we have talked about the Country Pakistan, because we worked with a school in this country and designed this chapter for them.

If you wish to have an additional chapter for your respective country, please leave a comment in our comments section and we will make sure to get back to your query and add as many countries as possible with every information about the country in a language that your kindergarteners will understand.


Teaching Guidelines For Social Studies Book For Kindergarten


  • As this book contains four chapters, but you will not be required to teach them all in one term.
  • This book will be divided in two portions for two terms in one year named as midterm and final term.
  • Midterm covers the first six months of the year and the final term covers the last six months of the year.
  • At the end of each term, you will take assessment in written form from the kids and not just that, you will take short assessments or test sessions during the six months till the final assessments so that the kids will get familiar with attempting an exam beforehand.
  • We will also update midterm and final term exams by Gemini Home School, based on the course of this book in our worksheets and workbook category for kindergarten.
  • If you want to know how to teach each chapter, a detailed blog post has already been published on our website which covers every detail on how to teach each chapter o the book.
  • The name of the blog post is Kindergarten Social Studies Curriculum and you can find it by clicking here.


Social Studies Book For Kindergarten Pdf


Social Studies Book For Kindergarten Pdf 


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