Kindergarten Addition Worksheets – Kindergarten Addition Mathematics Worksheets

Kindergarten Addition Worksheets include every addition type that is a part of mathematics syllabus and basic.

When five years old enter the world of Kindergarten, mathematics becomes a little complex for them. Since they already are familiar with counting objects and pointing out or writing down the number that is correct answer already in Nursery class mathematics, they will not be doing that only again in Kindergarten.

In Kindergarten, the students get to do different types of addition sums including the number line method, single digit addition, double digit addition, counting the objects together and writing answers method of addition and addition grid methods etc.

Gemini Home School has designed this post specifically to cater the need of different mathematics curriculum being followed all around the world and hence will provide you different worksheets for each type of addition method in this blog post or in several individual addition method related blog posts topic.

Before providing you guys with the free printable kindergarten addition worksheets, let us write down brief details of different kinds of worksheets that this blog post will be providing for your kindergarteners:


Different Kinds Addition Methods For Kindergarten Addition Worksheets

  • Single digit addition worksheets for kindergarten: These worksheets will include addition sums with single digits only. Also since your children are fairly new to the concept of addition, they will not be doing the addition worksheets that require carrying a number either it is single digit addition worksheets for kindergarten or double digit addition worksheets for kindergarten.
  • Double digit addition worksheets for kindergarten: These will be addition worksheets with two digits or two numbers without having to carry any numbers.
  • Number line addition worksheets for kindergarten: These worksheets will include different question sums that need to get solved by using a number line. All your kids will need to do is to jump from a said number to a number that needs to be added to it on the number line. Number lines concepts are a necessary method of teaching addition and subtraction at kindergarten level, hence you should make sure to include this method with your students and children.
  • Counting the objects addition worksheets for kindergarten: In these worksheets, kids will get to count different objects together and then write the sum. These are the worksheets that you will be using in the beginning. Kids might also have worked on these worksheet during nursery class as well, hence they will be revising them once again and then will move on to other methods of addition.
  • Statements addition worksheets for kindergarten: These are the worksheets where questions are included which have statements. These are generally very simple, but most of the kindergarteners still may not be able to read them by themselves, as they are learning to read in kindergarten and are new to the concept of reading. So you might need to read them one by one to them so that they get familiar with the different words and they will be able to read such statement independently after first term of after first 5 to 6 months of the year.
  • Squares addition method: This method includes having different numbers inside or outside the border of the square & the kids have to add them together to write one answer and then recheck them later on.
  • Addition to a specific number for worksheet: In these worksheets, the kids add all the numbers that give ne answer at the end. For example 5+5=10, 2+8=10, 3+7=10 etc. and so on. So kids do activity worksheets for different numbers and they add numbers that lead to an answer having that one specific number. These drill help them to memorize different addition sums without having to draw and count the answers and this makes them impeccable in higher grades with their addition skills.
  • Weekly and daily drills worksheets for kindergarten: These are specially designed worksheets where we provide addition questions’ drill for each day of the week. These drills contain many questions to be solved and kids get to do these drills with a timer on and then they can check and give themselves points for all the correct answers out of the total marks for whole drill of the specific day. These drills help them to become efficient and fast in addition skills and not just those they also develop competitive skills and learn to focus and do better with the help of these worksheets.
  • Addition wheel worksheets for kindergarten: These worksheets have wheels line shape with one number in the center that needs to be added into different numbers and then the answers are written in the top most layer of the wheel. These activities help the kids to add different values by doing rough work on extra papers and then they get to recheck their answers and learn if they made any mistakes and also learn to memorize different answers just like Numbers to a specific number worksheets.


All the above mentioned worksheets are provided below. You will find every kind of Kindergarten addition worksheets pdf files that you can print and use with your kids again and again. You can even laminate these worksheets and use them again and again for new sessions and different kids which will not only save your printing time but will also save many trees.


Counting Objects Addition Mathematics Worksheets

Counting Cars Mathematics Worksheet

Kindergarten Fruit Addition Worksheet

Kindergarten Daily & Weekly Drills Mathematics Worksheets

Kindergarten Daily & Weekly Weekly Mathematics Worksheet

Kindergarten Addition Drills Mathematics Worksheet

Numbers To Twenty Addition Worksheets For Kindergarten

Numbers To Twenty Addition Worksheet For Kindergarten

Kindergarten Addition Wheel Worksheets

Kindergarten Addition Wheel Worksheets



End Note

This blog post will keep getting updated with new worksheets every other week and you will be able to find so many worksheets based on each addition concept of mathematics that is being taught in the kindergarten level.

If you want to request some worksheets customized to your needs, then you can obviously request us and we will make sure to provide you guys with your desired worksheets within 24 to 48 hours.

A whole dedicated blog post on the Mathematics Curriculum for Kindergarten is already present on our website. You can read it by clicking here.

Also please do not forget to share this blog post and our website with your friends, family and colleagues so that those who need free educational materials can have access to material on our website. We do not just provide worksheets, but we will provide guidance to parents and teachers for each subject of each grade level. We will make sure that those who are homeschooling their neuro typical or special needs children can have an easy access to study material and teaching guidelines to help their kids progress in their education just like those students who are going to schools physically.
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