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There is hardly any proper Urdu Syllabus For Kindergarten Class available online, hence Gemini Home School is bringing you the rightful Kindergarten Urdu Syllabus that can be applicable for any Kindergarten kid around the globe who is learning this language at school or at home.


I came across many videos on YouTube and hardly any article on Google, where anyone has covered real Urdu Syllabus For Kindergarten that should be taught to any Kindergartener. So this might be the only article which is not only going to give you the whole one year syllabus but also a step by step guide to explain how you will be teaching this syllabus to your kids at home if homeschooling or in school, if you are a teacher or a new school setting up their curriculum.


Let’s Begin!


Kindergarten Urdu Syllabus Whole Year Planner


If you guys have already gone through my blog posts on this website, then you must be aware that I always divide my whole year syllabus in two terms with 6 months for each term. These two terms are called Midterm and Final Term.

Below I am going to entail the whole syllabus n these two terms and categorize it further into three categories named Written, Reading & Oral learning syllabus.


Urdu Syllabus For Kindergarten (Midterm)


Writing Syllabus Of Urdu For Kindergarten


Writing is the most important thing to teach preschoolers and especially in Urdu language. If you will help your kindergartener to be able to understand how to combine and write Urdu words in this one year, then trust me your kid will never hate Urdu language in coming years which is the case everywhere around the globe.

My first and foremost goal for writing in Kindergarten is to get my students write the whole Haruf-e-Tahajji multiple times in the first week and then on alternate days in coming weeks along with more difficult writing tasks.

The reason behind that is most of the kids are not really good at memorizing and especially when they keep losing focus (happens a lot with our lovely special needs children). In such case doing things repetitively during preschool can be very helpful.


  • Now as I told earlier, the first goal in writing in midterm Urdu syllabus for Kindergarten will be to make your kids practice writing Urdu Haruf-e-Tahajji and Chauti Ashkaal of Urdu or small case Urdu Letters multiple times for the first week and then once they are done with this activity and you are sure that all the old and new students have now full recognition of the letters, then the next step would be adding the Sharati Nau & Musawwattey in the writing syllabus.


  • What you will do will be writing the topic of these two on top of the paper and then making the kids write those letters down multiple times to practice.


  • After these two are recognized and learnt, then we will add in the concept of Arkaan where the kids will learn to write down two letter words with each vowel letter also known as musawatey of Urdu Language.


  • Kids find it difficult and you might need to teach the concepts of lines to them for this. This practice will be needed to be done multiple times unless they get perfection in it.


  • Now not only this, you guys will also make them write words like Mein, Wauh, Hum, Humein, Mera, Meri, Hey & Hein on their copies too as these keep getting used in almost every basic sentence and kids will find writing very easy with the practice of these done in the very early stages.


  • Also add in different words vocabulary for “Bhaari Alfaaz”.


  • This does not stop here, we will also make them learn harfi and lafzi ginti and in their first term they will learn to weite 1 to 5 numbers in both harfi and lafzi ginti. The difference between both of them should be explained to the kid first and then they should be made to practice writing them on regular basis.


A complete description of all these topics and concepts is given on my YouTube channel, you can watch it to get the idea more clearly.

I make copies of my students myself by hand. I could provide you guys with printable workbooks if you need them. All you need to know is to provide me with your feedback and let me know if I should provide you guys with it and it will be done.

I also have a workbook in process for Urdu writing practice for kids. This workbook will help you to help your kids learn to write Urdu very easily and I am sure if your kid gets to complete this work book, they will be able to start writing Urdu like a pro no matter what age group they are. If you want to get this workbook, please contact me regarding that.


Reading Syllabus Of Urdu For Kindergarten


As I talked about the writing syllabus, in reading syllabus my approach is quite the same. I get my students to revise the Urdu syllabus concepts for nursery class in the first week which include getting them to read and recognize the Haruf-e-Tahajji and their chauti ashkaal.

After the revision session, I then help them read and recognize the musawatey and Sharati Nau and then we start reading Arkan (Two letter words), with the help of sounds ofmussawatey. Trust me, it makes a huge difference.


As soon as I know that my students are able to read, I begin to start them with their book. I recommend Urdu Book For Kindergarten by Oxford University Press, as it has so many activities of writing, matching and coloring along with reading which makes the process of Urdu recognition and reading very easy for Kindergarteners.


The kids will cover almost 65 pages or more if they are quick learners in the midterm and then the whole book in the final term. Now you do not have to limit yourself here, you can definitely use more readers in Urdu for them as well.


Soon Gemini Home School will be updating new and easy to read Urdu readers in its library that you can access anytime for your kids. Our readers and activities will help your child become an independent Urdu reader and a very good writer of Urdu language in process.


Oral Syllabus Of Urdu For Kindergarten


The oral Urdu syllabus for Kindergarten is mostly the revision of all the concepts being covered in reading and writing. Basically here you will ask your students all the concepts (Mussawatay, Arkaan, Sharati Nau etc.) to see if they remember the concept for each topic and then you will ask them different words orally that they will pronounce based on your oral or verbal instructions or enquiries.

So you will need to make sure that you keep doing this oral activity on a daily basis and if not then every other day, so that the kids learn the concepts so good that it will be hard for them to forget and they will be a polished and perfect Urdu learner as they enter first grade and the new teacher will be thankful to you for this favor and skill building of your kids or student during Kindergarten.



Urdu Syllabus For Kindergarten (Final Term)


Writing Syllabus Of Urdu For Kindergarten (Final Term)


Writing will be no different than the midterm strategy; the only thing that is different will be addition of syllabus content.


  • For example, if the kids did the Lafzi & Harfi Ginti till five, it will now be extended to 10 or more if they are capable of learning it quickly.


  • Kids will now also get to learn to write their own name first as an individual word and then as a sentence structure like an introductory sentence “Mera Naam _______ Hy”.



  • Next the kids will not start to blend and learn the reading of words with more than three letters in them and not only this, they will also have to start learning to write different words like Vegetables names, Colors Names, Fruits Names with at least five to ten name of each topic. This is really helpful to make them learn to write complex words.


  • We will also now add a ten lined Essay in Urdu. Starting it off will be harder, but we will make sure to include really simple and easy wording in the essay and first we will make the kids write each line several times on their copy and these 10 lines will take 10 to twenty days for them to practice writing and learning individually and then we will start giving this to them as a test to learn 3, 5 and then ten lines together and writing them as well.



  • You can increase the amount of essay to two as well if your child is a quick learner. I usually love to increase the amount and push my students and they actually make me proud every time.


  • Do not forget to keep revising the old concepts taught in Nursery class Urdu syllabus and in the Urdu Syllabus for kindergarten’s midterm.


  • You will also add comprehension paragraphs with simple Q/A and objective types for them.


  • Also, try to include picture description worksheets. Paste one beautiful picture of a beautiful cartoon scene that they all love and then leave 5 lines below this picture and then ask your students to try and write five sentences describing the picture. Tey love this task and learn a lot from it.



  • You will also have your students complete all the writing taks on the Kindergarten book from OUP.


Now all this syllabus might be seeming too difficult to you, but trust me with proper scheduling and teaching strategy, you will be able to cover each and everything mentioned in the syllabus and your kids will love transitioning from Kindergarten to Primary school so much.


Reading Syllabus Of Urdu For Kindergarten (Final Term)



Now that you already know what your students will be covering in writing syllabus, you already have an idea of the syllabus that you will have to have them cover in the final term.


  • Complete the whole Urdu book’s reading activities.


  • Help them read their essays on daily basis so that you are sure they are learning it and not just doing it the rote learning way to get rid of it.



  • Shuffle the names of Fruits, Vegetables etc. and make them read so you know they are actually getting to read them by heart.


  • Add new worksheets related to reading and try to make this a habit and help them read new words as much as possible, especially the comprehension worksheets.



I try to include as much as reading material as I can. I keep adding new reading comprehensions as well and you can do that too. It is really fun to do comprehension reading in a group of students, they all feel it like a competition and everyone wants to read first and they really forget that I am teaching them and learn playfully.


Oral Syllabus Of Urdu For Kindergarten (Final Term)



Oral syllabus will be having the same approach as of the oral syllabus strategy mentioned in the midterm syllabus.

Please read that portion again and you will know what should be done, and if you have already gone through it precisely, then you must be aware of how it goes and will be able to cover up all the topics of Kindergarten Urdu Syllabus for Final term easily.


End Note


This is pretty much everything that you will need to know about Kindergarten Urdu Syllabus for the whole year.

Currently I have been using this syllabus of Urdu for Kindergarten as an inclusive part of Syllabus for Kindergarten in Pakistan very successfully. And this can be applicable in any part of the world or in counry where you are residing.

If you wish to know how to break it down on weekly and daily basis then do let me know in the comments section below and I will leave you guys with my YouTube videos explaining each and everything both in Urdu & English language as per your demand.

Please do not forget to like, share and comment and do help us to reach more schools and parents.



Syllabus In The Form Of Pictures


Urdu Syllabus For Kindergarten


Urdu Syllabus For Kindergarten







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