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Before starting with Class 1 English Syllabus, I must remind you that if you have already gone through all the preschool subjects’ syllabus from Gemini Home School, then you must be aware that English advanced basics start right from Kindergarten.

After getting fully acknowledged with alphabets, articles, vowels, diagraphs, singular & plurals, easy essays, comprehension paragraphs, picture description, cvc words and basic cvc words related reading in Kindergarten, Grade 1 English Syllabus basically becomes more advanced and the course taught in kindergarten gets more expanded and complicated for First class English Syllabus.

As Soon as the kids move to grade one or first grade, the subject English gets divided into two portions. That is what I have worked with during my long term tenure of a teacher and a vice principle being in Pakistan and I believe this strategy working really great with all the kids either neuro typical or special needs kids with different abilities with a little modification.


So the two portions in which First grade English syllabus is divided are known as:


English A (Class 1 English Syllabus Subject 1)


English A includes the book which has extensive chapters having extensive exercises at the end of each chapter, comprising of questions, fill in the blanks, true and false and some portion of grammar related to the chapter.

I prefer using English books from Oxford University Press overall because these books are rather easy for inclusive learning and even special needs children can easily grasp the concepts involved in them.

English books or English Syllabus from Cambridge can also be used in the similar teaching strategy if you are teaching neuro typical kids, who can work with complexed vocabulary and are easily able to take on more complexed approach with studies.

Both publishers are great, being a teacher I prefer Oxford University Press because their books are rather good for an inclusive institution or an inclusive teaching approach.

I will be giving you one or two books names when I will be explaining the syllabus further in detail below. So please bear with me & keep reading further so that I can explain in a proper way, once I clarify the two portions or syllabus divisions.


English B (Class 1 English Syllabus Subject 2)


English B comes with soul responsibility from teacher. I mean there are books which are fantastic, like grammar books from Oxford University Press have a great range of workbooks that have different chapters for each grammar concept like singular & plurals, Verbs, Nouns etc.

I loved those books with my students, but I will not recommend them for special needs children as they cannot understand these concepts too early so we need to wait till they can grasp these concepts. Anyhow these books are quite simple for grade 1, 2 & 3.

If you add up one workbook then that is great, but you must add some syllabus from your own side which will be a huge chunk of syllabus and cover 50 percent of the subject’s results.

Some schools like to prepare their own workbooks for this material that stays same for years to come, and some prefer changing the topics every other term and year. I have worked with the later approach.

I will explain all the topics to be covered in English B in detail below.


Now that you guys have understood that we will be dividing the course in two parts, namely English A & English B, let us begin the actual detailed syllabus for the whole year below.

I will also mention the two terms midterm & final term during detailed discussion of the English syllabus for class 1, this is because I usually divide the syllabus in two terms with 6 months for each term. So when I will mention midterm, that will mean that you will be covering said syllabus in first six months of the year and when I mention final term then that syllabus will be covered in last six months of the year.


Class 1 English Syllabus (English A)


So for Grade 1 English Syllabus of midterm, you will choose a book of your choice. I prefer using Oxford University Press Books. For example, recently I implemented the “We Learn English” for one school in Pakistan and it worked great there.

The major strategy with Oxford University Press is that it includes several chapters and each chapter has a set of questions to answer, some objectives related to the chapter and a grammar portion.

So you will first choose how many chapters your kid can go through in one year duration. I prefer taking six to seven chapters for each term, because we will also be having grammar and English B syllabus for class 1 for the whole year as well.

Hence nothing will be too less in this syllabus. Although you may want to shrink a little bit for some children with slow learning abilities or with any other different ability that requires to put less pressure on them and make learning a joyful experience than being it a negative environment making them realize they are not enough.

Once you have shortlisted 12 or 14 chapters out of the whole book, you will divide them in two halves. One will be covered in midterm English syllabus for grade 1 and the second half will be covered in the final terms grade 1 English syllabus.

Now any 6 or 7 chapters that you have chosen to include in the midterm they will require you to have a set pattern for them to make kids as much as they can through this one book.


Let’s say you are teaching the very first chapter your major goals will be:


  1. Do reading of the whole chapter in one or even in three days if it is a lengthy one and make sure the next day you are asking your kids to read it down to see if they are learning the pronunciations and new or complicated words along the process.
  2. You will choose some difficult words from the chapter and they will act as the dictation words that you will get the kids to learn.
  3. You will choose 10 to 15 difficult words and help the kids write down their meanings and learn them too. Now these meanings can be into simple English or into your local language too if your kid finds it easy.
  4. You will help your kids find the answers of the questions given at the end of each chapter. They will either find it out from the chapter or write it down by themselves with your help obviously and then learn them too.
  5. Help them solve the objectives related to the chapter and make sure they are answering these answers to fill in the blanks or true/false and MCQ’s after you all are done with the reading of the whole chapter.
  6. Solve the grammar portion of each chapter as well. For this you will help them read and understand the topic and the in a loving way push them to make sense of the concept and fill in the answers to the grammar portion themselves.
  7. You will also choose and add 5 to 10 words and help kids learn the process of using those words in sentences too and they will both be written on their copy work and they will learn them too.


I usually extend this activity to two weeks, where I work on English A for three days of the week and two days are for English B including the grammar book if implemented. In first three days of the first week, I cover up reading with translation to help students learn better, and we go through the Dictation words, words meanings, words and their sentences and question and answers if possible.

On the next three or two days of the week, we go through all the objectives of the chapter and cover up the grammar work and repeat our whole chapter. During this time the kids do class work, homework, I take oral and written short tests too making sure that for any assessment or exam to come they just need to repeat the chapter and have to learn it first if unprepared.

Same technique will be used for all the chosen chapters in each term. I will teach how to create a copy for English A & English B for the Class 1 English Syllabus too very soon. I may prefer uploading a video related to the topic.


Class 1 English Syllabus (English B)


Now that you guys have gone through how to take on with English A as a subject, we will focus on the syllabus of English B for Grade 1 English Syllabus.

For English B syllabus you can choose two things simultaneously. One will be a grammar book or a grammar workbook created by you yourself based on basics of grammar in an easy way that your kid or students can understand.

It takes time to create a proper workbook, but do not worry Gemini Home School will soon bring you grammar workbooks that will be available in the Worksheets & Workbooks Category on our website.

But if you want to choose books from another publisher, then once again I will ask you to go for grammar books by Oxford University Press.  To name any one for your knowledge, I would say the grammar tree series or other grammar books series all do fine. You need to visit their official library and go through different books and find the one that suits your child better.

You will teach half chapters of this book in midterm and the other half in the final term. You can teach this book one day or two day a week along with the other syllabus of English B.

For extra syllabus of English B, I will want you to include the following for grade one:

  1. Two stories for each term.
  2. Two essays for each term. Each essay should have at least ten sentences. You can either provide them these yourself to write and learn, but you will start pushing them to add some extra lines by themselves too in tests so that with time and moving forward to other grades, they will adapt to self-learning and self-creative writing on different topics.
  3. One or two applications in both terms inclusively.
  4. Concept of letter in first term and the one or two letters in the two terms.
  5. Comprehension paragraphs drills.
  6. Picture description worksheets. Loads of them.
  7. Introduction to the present tense.
  8. Concept revision of vowels & teaching the concept of Articles (A, An & the).
  9. One line definitions of parts of speech divided in two terms. This will help them learn the concepts based on the definitions and help them solve their grammar books easily.


End Note For Class 1 English Syllabus


As I told you guys earlier, syllabus provided by Gemini Home School will not be less but maybe more for some kids, especially the special needs kids. You can always short it down by consulting with their therapists and based on how much they can absorb. But never stop the reading o exclude the reading part from the syllabus for the special needs children.

You can cover this syllabus very easily if you work on it every day 5 days a week. At the end of the term you will take an exam from your kids to know how much they learnt. You can request us to provide you with the papers as per your kids ability. We will guide you through the process for sure.

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