About Us

Gemini Home School is the World’s First Inclusive Free Educational Platform project that has been designed to help not just schools, teachers and therapists but also help parents provide best education to their kids who are home schooling and do not have free access to required teaching guidelines and educational material.

On this website you will not only find proper guidelines about each subject and each grade your student or kid is going to study but you will also get to find loads and loads of worksheets, notes and exams related stuff which will guarantee your child’s intelligent learning and his/her exponential growth in education.

If you wish to help your child get the best grading and learning experience, stay in touch with Gemini Home School and let us build the future of your child free of cost.

This website project will keep expanding in the coming future and will excel along with the excellent growth of children who will learn under the shadow of Gemini Home School.

Mission of Gemini Home School

Our mission is to provide free of cost teaching guidelines and teaching materials to parents across the globe.

Vision of Gemini Home School

  • Our vision is to keep expanding Gemini Home School and make it one of the first online educational project that will not only focus on the neuro typical kids but will also generate teaching guidelines and teaching courses and materials for children with special needs. 
  • We will always be embarking on a journey to keep improving our structure by keeping our strategy of teaching and educational and inclusive educational strategy which will opt for the needs of every child.
  • We also have a vision to make every parent capable of providing best teaching at home without the help of any tutors with a vision of developing parent and child bonding whilst providing the best education to children through their parents which will match the quality of any top level institute around the globe.
  • Gemini Home School will also enable teachers from across the globe to learn teaching techniques and avail free workshops, worksheets, exams and courses that will aid them to not only teach well but provide best quality in their lesson plans forever.

Let us join hands to create a free educational platform which will cut off the cost of every parent and teacher to help them provide the best education to their kids either they are neuro typical or special needs children!